How To Get Motivated

The Secrets To Putting Your Life In Motion

lic-how-to-get-motivated-courseWith Scientology breakthroughs that show you what stops a person, you can drive forward and reach your aims.

To accomplish your goals, you need personal drive — and active doing. You have to overcome barriers and keep moving forward. Success, therefore, requires personal motivation. So why do we often procrastinate? And sometimes end up doing nothing? Why do we occasionally delay some trivial thing that then develops into a crisis?

The How to Get Motivated Course answers these questions. It shows you how to overcome barriers to accomplishing something. It provides the know-how to make work simpler and more desirable, so your motivation grows.

Do you wish you could get more done in a day?  Do you occasionally procrastinate on some trivial thing that then develops into a crisis?  When a task seems overwhelming, do you feel stressed out to the point of being immobilized?

What if you could gain the skill to motivate yourself and actually accomplish your dreams?

Now You Can!

The secret to putting your life in motion lies in knowing what motivates your initiative and drive — and nothing teaches you the skills to inspire yourself and spark that motion better that the How To Get Motivated Course.


  • The pitfalls of leaving something incomplete — how it doubles your work.
  • An exercise that will help you rise above your troubles.
  • The exact anatomy of control and precisely how to direct people, objects and activities in your environment.

What People Are Saying:

“This course addressed exactly where I was at.  I was able to change not only how I think about things, but how I do things.  I am on an exact path with the know-how to stay motivated and achieve my goals.”  B.D.