How To Improve Relationships With Others

The Secrets To Building Lasting Relationships

lic-how-to-improve-relationships-courseWith Scientology principles that give you the right ingredients, you can easily build and maintain sincere relationships.

Exact and specific factors are common to all human relations, whether family or business, casual or intimate, short-term or long. When you know these components and how to use them, you can create affinity, mutual support and admiration that result in truly positive relationships.

There is a further exact element common to all disputes or upsets. When you know this factor and the precise formula to apply it, you can resolve any conflict and restore harmony and understanding.

Have you ever experienced a relationship that soured into bitter or unresolved conflict?  Have you ever attempted to connect with someone and seen your efforts come to nothing?

What if you could resolve any upset and restore harmony?  What if you could build positive relationships that last?

Now You Can!

The secret to successful relationships depends upon knowing what underlies all human relations, and nothing teaches you that basic foundation better than the How To Improve Relationships With Others Course.


  • The components of understanding — three factors that form an interrelated triangle you can use with anyone.
  • The steps to resolve rightness and wrongness in a relationship, especially when the asserted rightness threatens to drive one and all onto the rocks.
  • The two rules for happy living.

What People Are Saying:

“This course helped me so much!  It taught me the basics I needed to improve my relationships — my appreciation of others has increased tremendously, and it’s really improved my life!”  C.L.