Overcoming Ups & Downs In Life

Get Off The Roller Coaster And Gain The Stability You Want

lic-overcoming-ups-and-downs-courseIf someone has been doing well and suddenly worsens, it happens for a specific reason. Here are the remarkable Scientology breakthroughs that resolve it once and for all.

When you suddenly start making mistakes, it is caused by something. When you feel happy and, for no apparent reason, suddenly start feeling down, somebody made this happen.

There are specific types of personality — those who wish people well and those who are ill-intentioned. If you have experienced a roller coaster of emotion or ups and downs in your life, someone around you could be suppressing you — squashing you or trying to make you smaller.

Have you ever experienced rapid upsurges in your prosperity and well-being — only to crash back down shortly after?  Have you ever suffered from ill-health that seemed to come back in an endless cycle?

What if you could know what causes these cycles of “up and down” and gain lasting stability in your life?

Now You Can!

The secret to getting off life’s constant roller coaster depends on your understanding of human motivation, and nothing teaches you this fundamental knowledge better than the Overcoming Ups & Downs In Life Course.


  • How to distinguish the two types of people — those who try to build things up and those who try to tear things down.
  • What to do about people who wish you harm.
  • How to recognize your true friends from those who work against you.

What People Are Saying:

“On this course, I realized how positive or disastrous people’s influence can be, and what determines this.  It has helped me deal with things I thought I had no control over, and enabled me to become more successful already.”  C.F.