Salvaging A Marriage

Restore The Love And Respect You Once Shared

lic-salvaging-a-marriage-courseScientology principles that show exactly what holds a union together, so you can reconstruct a truly happy relationship.

When a marriage seems headed for trouble, what is the remedy? If a couple is constantly at odds, what can be done? And if one or both are thinking of separating and the marriage is already on the rocks, how can this be reverted?

Are you constantly arguing with your spouse over unresolved issues?  Do you find yourself turning to others outside of your marriage to talk about your problems?

Have you experienced infidelity and can’t get past the betrayal?  What if you had the tools to salvage a broken marriage and restore the love you once shared?

Now You Can!

L. Ron Hubbard isolated exactly why a marriage breaks up, why communication between two people dwindles and why a marriage partner seeks to leave. Find out how to salvage such an unhappy situation.

The secrets to why a marriage falls apart, and how to put it back together, are based on mutual communication, action and trust, and nothing teaches you the skills to repair a marriage better than the Salvaging A Marriage Course.


  • The three elements common to every relationship that you can use to build a lasting and prosperous union.
  • How to resolve the common source of upsets between husband and wife.
  • The reason marriage partners decide to separate — and the tools to remedy it.

What People Are Saying:

“This course saved my marriage.  I know how to keep my communication strong with my partner, how to deepen our relationship, how to overcome any obstacle and make it work.”  E.W.