Scientology Tools For Effective Leadership

Great Leaders Aren’t Born. They Are Made.

lic-effective-leadership-tools-courseHere are the Scientology breakthroughs that show you what really makes a leader, so you can successfully lead others with confidence.

Why do people respect and support some as leaders and shun or despise others? How does one executive achieve prosperity and pay his staff well, while another fails? Is it fate? Luck? Some special gift only “the successful ones” have?

The Scientology Tools for Effective Leadership Course answers these questions and gives you the true laws of leadership.

Ever wonder why some leaders can gain the respect and support of people instantly and other so-called leaders are shunned, despised or even ignored?  Why do some companies soar to great heights under one leader and fail miserably under another?

What if you had the skills to make yourself into a successful leader in any field?

Now You Can!

The secret to successful leadership lies in knowing the actions and attitudes all great leaders demonstrate, and nothing teaches you these skills better than the Scientology Tools For Effective Leadership Course.


  • Exactly what an executive is, what he must know and do to be an effective, efficient administrator.
  • What a bad leader does that harms a group and what a good leader does that results in prosperity for group members.
  • A precise description of administration basics, and the essential elements every executive must know.

What People Are Saying:

“I have much more drive to be a leader and feel my innate leadership qualities have been restored.  They were damaged earlier in my life because of some painful experiences from my past.  This data gives me stability in my future endeavors.”  C.P.