Successfully Raising Children

The Secrets To Raising Happy, Productive, Confident Children


Here are Scientology principles that show you what children most need from a parent, so you can help your child build a stable, productive life.

Parents do the best they can raising their children, but most find it a trial-and-error proposition.

We all know that kids don’t come with an instruction manual.  So how do we effectively raise our children to be self-determined, healthy and successful adults?

What if you knew what children need the most, and how to avoid the mistakes so many other parents make in today’s society?

How should parents raise children so they develop self-determinism and initiative and make constructive decisions? There are a million opinions of how to do it, but are there any sound principles one can trust?

Yes There Are!

The materials of this course contain the answers to those questions.  Your children depend on your attitude, knowledge and skills to guide them through their formative years, and nothing teaches you that stable foundation of parenthood better than the Successfully Raising Children Course.


  • What children most need from their parents.
  • How you can help solve a child’s problems.
  • Why children get angry and how to swiftly heal the upsets.
  • How to live with children and help them grow into fine, successful human beings.
  • A simple, powerful action that assists children to recover from physical injuries.

What People Are Saying:

“When you have children, no one gives you the manual.  But now it’s here!  Problems happen when we as adults think we are different than children, but they are people, too.  Once I used what I learned, it changed everything for me and my kids.”  -LB